Booklets - As Special as Your Loved One
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Honour your Loved One with a Funeral Booklet* 
(or Funeral Bookmark) you can be proud of.

'Remember Me' Funeral Booklet
(also known as  a Funeral Memorial Card, Funeral Card or Memorial Card)
is a special keepsake which will be treasured by friends
and family for years to come.

Remember Me Funeral Booklets are easy, fast and affordable. 
We can provide our special funeral booklets to anywhere
in New Zealand or abroad.

Plus we can provide you with a matching cover page for your Funeral Guest Book (Memorial Guest Book) and matching lined pages for friends and family to sign.



How it simply tell us the design you like, send us the information and photos 
you would like included in your Funeral Booklet and we will design, print and arrange delivery or pick up.

If you prefer you can arrange the printing yourself.


It's the little details that make a funeral special and personal and we look forward to helping you honour your Loved One with our modern and stylish funeral booklets.




* Funeral Booklets are also known as a Funeral Order of Service, Memorial Cards for funerals, Funeral Pamphlets, Memorial Sheets, Memorial Booklets, Memorial Service Template, Funeral Service Booklets, Funeral Program, Memorial Card, A5 Funeral Booklet Templates.






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