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Terms and Conditions

Time Needed:
From the moment you place your order and pay to the delivery of your Booklets or Bookmarks...
To ensure your Booklets or Bookmarks arrive the day before the Funeral Service we require the following amount of time:

Our Designs:
For Christchurch Delivery:
2 Full Working Days prior to day of Funeral

For New Zealand wide Delivery:
3 Full Working Days prior to day of Funeral

Personalised Designs:
These require a little more time.
For Christchurch Delivery: 
3 Full Working Days prior to day of Funeral
For New Zealand wide Delivery:
4 Full Working Days prior to day of Funeral

As turnaround times are extremely tight with funerals, it is essential we receive your information and photographs the same day your order is placed. This includes details relating to the Order of Service, a quote, song or poem of your choice and the favourite photographs you would like included (your cover photo can be uploaded online and the remainder can be sent via email to Other details needed the same day as your order is placed include: if you would like to include an invitation to the Reception, details of where the Reception will be and if there will be a Memorial Book.

Remember Me Booklets will not be held responsible if any Booklets or Bookmarks arrive late due to any last minute changes from the customer or delays from the customer in signing off the artwork prior to it going to the printer.

It is important to note that if you require more quantities to be printed after the time of your initial order then the Time Needed is that of an initial order ie: from the time of you adding extra quantities we require: Christchurch Delivery 2 Full Working Days, New Zealand wide Delivery 3 Full Working Days. Any late delivery of Booklets or Bookmarks due to lack of time (ie: less than number of days listed above) is not the responsibility of Remember Me Booklets and as such no refund shall be given.

Minimum Quantities:
The minimum number of Booklets or Bookmarks you can order to be printed is 50.

Please then order in the following increments (50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300. 350, 400)

100% payment is required at the time of your online purchase.

If you have ordered online then payment can be made via Paypal, Credit Card or Internet Banking.

If you are ordering your booklets via telephone or email we will send your invoice via email. Payment must then be made via Internet Banking only.

100% payment is required prior to commencing the design and the printing of your Booklets/Bookmarks. Please note, we reserve the right to not start your Booklets/Bookmarks if we have not received your payment.

Orders can be made in the following ways;
- Through our website by choosing the design you like and proceeding to purchase
- By email to
- By your funeral director if they have access to our Order Form

Proofing of your Booklets, Bookmarks or Thank You Cards
Our team will proof read your Booklets/Bookmarks, however it is the final responsibility of the customer to check all proofs themselves for any mistakes or omissions. Remember Me Booklets takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the final printed material (regardless of who made the error) once final sign off has been given by the customer. Some examples of errors the customer is responsible for noticing include, but not limited to, correct photographs used, correct details listed, spelling errors, grammatical errors, omissions of information etc. When final sign off has been given by the Customer and the Booklet/Bookmark is in the printing/delivery phase, we will be unable to accommodate any changes or cancellations. If a reprint is requested it will be at the Customer’s expense without exception and delivery times will no longer be guaranteed.

It is recommended that several family members proof the Booklet/Bookmark prior to giving your final sign off.

To ensure your Booklet or Bookmark prints to the highest standard it is necessary you supply us with photographs which are in high resolution. This means the digital photos need to be 300 dpi (around 1 - 3 MB in size) and sent in jpeg format. If you do not have high quality images we will let you know and if you would like to proceed it is in the understanding that Remember Me Booklets takes no responsibility for lack of clarity in the final printed product. The $200 Design Fee is based on all images being supplied via email  or uploaded online in digital format.

Design only (no printing):
Remember Me Booklets uses a third-party printer who uses only the highest quality card and produces printed material of the highest standard. If the Customer decides to print the artwork themselves by using their own home printer or a printer of their choice, then Remember Me Booklets takes no responsibility for any printing errors including but not limited to formatting, image quality and colour accuracy.

Packing and Delivery:
All care will be taken to package your Booklets or Bookmarks to ensure they arrive to you in perfect condition. Remember Me Booklets takes no responsibility for any damage incurred during transit.

Shipping Fees: Delivery is free within Christchurch. For area's outside of Christchurch a courier fee does apply. Alternatively we can have your booklets printed by a printing company near you and you can pick them up.

Any design, carried out by Remember Me Booklets remains the copyright of Remember Me Booklets and therefore cannot be used for any other purpose other than that for which the Customer has paid (ie: the use of the Booklets or Bookmarks at the funeral service they were ordered for).

Approving the Design:
The Customer will receive all proofs (including their final proof) via email. This will be sent to the email address supplied to Remember Me Booklets when you placed your order. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure proofs are received when expected. If this has not happened the Customer must notify Remember Me Booklets. Proofs are to be approved by the customer in writing via email before printing commences. Any changes wanted by the customer will also need to be received by Remember Me Booklets in writing via email. 

Acceptance of these Terms:
When the Customer confirms an order, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions set out herewith.